Tour 4

Cahuachi, Estaqueria


In a distance of 28 km to Vista Alegre the largest ancient religious center of Peru is located with an expansion of approximately 24 km². This center is completely surrounded by a wall and contains a set of temples: the "large pyramid", the "large temple", the "column temple", the "stairs temple " etc.

The most extensive studies of this area were executed by the archaeologists William J. Strong, Helaine Silverman and Giuseppe Orefici, who all together came to the conclusion that Cahuachi (500 D.C. – 350 A.D.) was an important religious pilgrimage centre, in which the members of all the different cultures of the area met, which today forms the department of Ica.

The attendance of Cahuachi (meaning in Quechua: "place, were the prophets live") is a confrontation with the past, the mystery, the isolation and the magic impression of the temples, which is clearly noticeable despite the century-long expiry of this system.

For the esoteric world the attendance of Cahuachi means recharging the energy and the spiritual strength.

Perhaps you will hear (with a little bit of concentration) the melodies of the flutes, the singing of the monks and the dances of the soldiers, if you stay on top of the large temple...


3 km east of the religious center of Cahuachi is a place, at which in former times more than 200 stakes of wood of the Huarango tree of approximately 2 m height were found. Unfortunately, this area is partly destroyed, because the descendants of the ancient Nasca gathered their firewood(!).

The Estaqueria was probably also a centre of ceronomies (similar to Stonehenge in England), which however had a smaller importance than Cahuachi.

Here we also find scattered over the area ruins of houses built with Adobe as well as graves with bones, ceramics and fabrics.

Duration of this sightseeing tour: 3 hours
Departure (with different travel agencies): Daily (on request)

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