Tour 5

Cerro Blanco

The majestic "Cerro Blanco" is with a height of 2.076 m the highest sand dune of America, if not even of the world.

Our local travel agencies offer the most diverse trips for this mountain, among others trekking and mountain bike tours.

The best Trekking adventure! Climb the highest sand dune of America and feel how your adrenalin level rises, while you reach the top of this magic mountain!

Let yourself impress at night by the absolutely clear sky with its tremendous star constellations, and experience the spectacular sunrise on the next morning.

Observe also the local fauna of this sand dune.

Decide today for this tour - it will become one of the most impressive experiences of your life!

This tour lasts one and a half days with an overnight accomodation. Enclosed into the price are entrance, sleeping bag, tents, meals and drinks, fruits and sweets.

The tour begins around 16:00 in the afternoon and ends around midday of the following daily (approx. 19 hours).

Duration of this sightseeing tour: ca. 19 hours
Departure (with different travel agencies): 16:00 in the afternoon

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