Tour 1

The Mummies of Chauchilla,
Production of Ceramics,
Extraction of Gold


Located 27 km southeast of Vista Alegre, at the margin of the river Trancas, with an extension of 2 km in length and almost 500 meters wide, surrounded by hills with a desert lunar landscape on the one side and a green zone next to the river with an own desert climate. It is a completely strange place with the presence of many human rests in the surface. The action of the huaqueros made it possible finding this place and its deterioration. It is one of the most visited places of Nasca. Here you will find a great number of tombs with mummies in a kind of open air museum.

You will learn about the process of mummyfication and you will see a lot of mummies in their fetal position - in familiar tombs or in single tombs.

You will also be informed about the development of this culture throughout the thousand years of their existence.


The ancient Nazcas were masters in the production of ceramics, on which they recorded their daily life in beautiful colours and ornamentations. The different phases of painting permit the archaeologists the rather exact reconstruction of the history of this people.


The modern ceramic manufacturers produce their replications in accurately the same procedure like their ancient predecessors.

In this workshop you will see, how the tone is prepared, as ceramics are formed and burned and as they are finally painted in the original manner with natural pigment colours from oxidized minerals.

The workshop also possesses an exhibition and a sales room, where you can acquire original replications as memories to your attendance of Vista Alegre.


Approximately 30 years ago, a gold fever rushed over the area of Nasca, and up today exist gold diggers, who appointed themelves to the production of this noble metal. This work is pure manual work. The gold diggers are always in search of new mines, some quite far from Nasca, and bring their raw material to Nasca in order to extract the gold here. Most of the gold diggers do not have another income - and also no other alternative - because Nasca unfortunately is a city without any industry.


Here you will see how the raw material from the mountains is processed with the help of the toxic mercury in order to extract the gold.

You will aslo be informed about the ritual which the gold diggers execute before they enter their mine; by which they consume Coca in order to gain sufficient forces for the long-hours work in the mine.

Duration of this sightseeing tour: 3 hours
Departure (with different travel agencies): Daily (on request)

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