Tour Ica


In the actual city tour of Ica you experience the colourful fields of this agriculturally used area, visit the old wine cellars and Pisco manufacturers as well as the unusual sand dunes with the oasis of Huacachina.

This route contains the entrance into the regional museum of Ica, where the valuable archaeological pieces of the cultures of the Paracas, the Nasca, the Wari, the Ica and the Inka are kept and shown. In the second floor the paintings and furniture of the colonial and republic epoch of Peru are shown.

5 km southwest of the city centre of Ica the oasis of Huacachina is found, whichs water shall possess a healthy effect. In the wine cellars of this oasis wines and Pisco are produced, the national beverage of Peru.

At some of these places also valuable remnants of the colonial period are found.

Duration of this sightseeing tour: 4 hours
Departure (with different travel agencies): Daily (on request)

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