Tour 3

The Observation Mountain,
The Observation Tower,
Museum and ancient House of Maria Reiche


Located 20 km north of Vista Alegre you will find a rocky mountain of approximately 30 m height, from which you have a marvelous view on approximately 50 lines, which gather at this point; additionally you can also see some geometrical figures in the distance.

Is is very strange that all the lines unite here at this point, probably this mountain had a special meaning for the ancient Nazcas. It is also said that this place is a magnetic point, and many campers, who stayed overnight here, reported of strange phenomena.


This construction with a height of 12 m was built on initiative of Maria Reiche, so that the visitors have the possibility of viewing at some figures without using an airplane.

From this tower you will see the two figures "the hands" and "the tree", additionally you will see geometrical lines and figures and a part of the "lizard".

And here something very special: Here you may view an 3D-Animation of the observation tower.


Located 3 km north of observation tower the museum and the ancient house of Maria Reiche will be found. Here lived Maria Reiche in order to be closer to the lines. This ancient house is actually only a large room, which served at the same time as bedroom, study room and kitchen.

Here you also visit the attached small museum, in which the materials are shown used by Maria Reiche for measuring and calculating the figures. Not only the pictures of the different figures are shown here, but also drawings which explain the two theories of how the figures possibly were created.

On this area the mausoleum of Maria Reiche and her sister Renata is located.

Duration of this sightseeing tour: 3 hours
Departure (with different travel agencies): Daily (on request)

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