Flight over the
Lines of Nasca

In this interactive map you may discover the Lines of Nasca by yourself. Click on the desired figure in order to display the appropriate original photo.
Have fun discovering the Lines of Nasca!

Many centuries before germinating the realm of the Inka in our continent a unique monument of the old culture was created in Peru: the "Lines of Nasca". What may have been the reason to create these unique floor drawings?

These lines were discovered in the year 1939 by the American scientist Paul Kosok. Only a little bit later the forgotten lines aroused the interest of an unbelievably tough scientist: Doctor Maria Reiche. She tried to explain, how these lines were used by the old Peruvian astronomers: as gigantic sun and moon calendars. It was also her who uncovered these lines hidden under the sand, and with her discovery she justified the inaccurate legends and myths of the village inhabitants.

The impressive and mysterious "Lines of Nasca" are one the most important testimony of the ancient pre-columbian Peruvian cultures: Source of an until today unexplained knowledge and an amazing certificatate of the celestial phenomenas of that time.

Until today many secrets of the geoglyphs partially covered with bricks are not yet solved. Scientists set up the most diverse hypotheses for the origin of the lines; and the Austrian author Erich von Däniken and the Austrian author Erich von Daeniken even saw the lines as signals and runways for extraterristrial spaceships, the ships of the Gods.

However, Maria Reiche defined the strange legacy of the old Peruvian cultures as "the lines of the Pampas of Nasca continue to be anything as a challenge for the scientists and researchers of the pre-incaic Peruvian cultures. In my opinion the old Peruvians developed an alphabet, in order to note the most important astronomical cases of those days. The Pampas of Nasca are the pages of a book, that was written with this strange alphabet."

Therefore, one of the most impressive tours which you can make in Nasca is the flight over the lines of Nasca.

In order to give you a small impression of this impressive tour, you can view a short video about the flight over the lines of Nasca below.

And here something very special: Here you may view an extensive 3D-Animation of a flight over the Nasca lines.

The flights over the lines of Nasca are executed from the airport Vista Alegre with small airplanes of type Cessna for 3, 5 and 6 passengers.


The price per passenger is approx. US$ 35.00 - US$ 45.00 (airport tax of S/. 10.00 NOT included).

This price is valid during the whole year with the exception of the high season from June to September. During this time the flight is approx. US$ 55.00 per person.

All prices are subject to changes.

Duration of the overflight: approx. 30 - 45 minutes
Departure (with different travel agencies): Daily (on request)

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